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Climate Change radio finds a new voice

June 11, 2010

OK, when I say ‘radio’ I mean podcasts, but I’m an old-fashioned kinda guy (when I feel like it). Thing is, I’ve just co-hosted Canadian writer Dan Moutal’s Irregular Climate podcast, and it seems to have gone pretty well. You can hear (or download) it at (“A look at the irregular climate in our atmosphere, and the irrational climate of global warming denialism”), where there are also details of the various feeds and subscription methods, including iTunes, Zune and RSS.

I must just mention how this came about, because John Cook of Skepticalscience – who is also a contributor to the podcast – was instrumental, albeit without knowing. He runs an email subscription service that is well worth signing up for, because it deals with the science and the topical arguments about it. It was in one such email he mentioned Dan’s work, and that he was looking for a co-host. I’ve always fancied radio, and it turns out I wasn’t so bad that Dan had to find a way to get rid of me. I’m also pleased he liked a piece of music I wrote, which is now being used to top and tail the show. The track is called Mystery Man – it’s a retro ‘blue’ jazz piece and you can hear it or download it from

I enjoyed working with Dan, a very fuss-free, ‘let’s get on with it’ approach that was positive and refreshing. He also knows his stuff, and I learned a thing or two straight off. If I can develop some contributions of a similar quality I’ll be more than happy. Hope I’ll see you there sometime…


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