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Climate Change: Lest We Forget

July 13, 2010
Sometimes, the fight becomes so engrossing we are subsumed by it, and forget what we are fighting for. Here is a reminder…
The climate is changing rapidly, and we are running out of oil and gas. We must adapt our societies to account for the imminent demise of cheap energy, even though the changes required will be profound, sacrificial and costly (and inevitably for some, iniquitous). Those who fight for acceptance of the science and its prognostications support early adaptation because it is easier to manage and cheaper to implement. Those who oppose the science in effect support a huge risk taken against all the evidence, and in doing so hamper adaptation for reasons that are largely fearful or self-serving, or both. No matter what your ideological stripe, change is coming in a big way and cannot possibly be avoided now. We delay preparation for this change at our great peril.


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